PAC Activities

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Under Social Mobilization
1- Family Life Education.

2- Charity Services to Orphans, destitutes and victims of disasters.

3- Harnessing Community Participation in district development using Integrated Community Development Participatory Approach.

4- Counseling & Orientation / enlightenment campaigns.

5- Distant education, Health education & surveys.

6- Orientation & mobilizing communities to revise and change all customs, norms, believes and laws which are militating against socio - economic growth.

7- Enlightenment on sensitive and initiate issue, such as masturbation, menstruation, sexual morality, parent child conflict, hygiene, drugs & child abuse and slavery, etc.

8- Orienting of the menace of high population growth and itís social effects and consequences, such as adolescent mothers, etc.

9- Environmental degradation issues, such as sanitation, floods, etc.

10- Supporting right of adolescent to information and life skills.

11- To help bridge the communication gap between the rural natives and the relevant participating bodies in relation to Community Development.
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Activities of (PAC) Under survival Techniques.
1- Skills acquisition

2- Vocational Training & Entrepreneurship.

3- Rehabilitation of both victims and infrastructures with special reference on our areas of focus.

4- Symposiums, workshops and seminars.

5- Life skills training, prevention techniques, advise, research and consultancy services.

6- District health rehabilitation activities for riot and disasters victims, destitutes, orphans and relief assistance.

7- Advocating for a shared responsibility for a considerable expansion of agro - industrial sub - sector which have long remained untapped and under utilised, such as food manufacturing, wood products, value added beef processing & poultry processing, value added fishery production, dairy manufacturing, production of juice from fruits, processing & canning of viable commodities, seed production farms, agriculture services, industries for fertilizer, herbicides and pesticides and also setting up of an economic development council, which will assist in helping to set the economic developmental goals for the country.
8- Orientating the natives on the need to work together in co - operatives and associations, to facilitate joint small-scale business in their local communities and benefit from bank loans